Is your Call to Action Missing?

Quite a few emails are sent out without a clear action call. These emails may have plenty of information and be great messages, but they might not bring the consumer to act by clicking on the link supplied. Perhaps the link is even unclear making it difficult for the email recipient to click, follow, and order what the email was about. Check your email campaign, get professional marketing help, and ensure you are truly sending out a clear call to action to be successful.

You need to include a layout for your message that is easy to read and enjoyable, but design the message with a clear trail for the email recipient to follow. It can be a few sentences that tell the person exactly where to go - something like “click here to receive 30% off” or “download coupon for 10% off.” These are clear and should be a link to take the email recipient directly to the savings. One link is all you need to get your consumer to your site as long as you use a transparent call to action.