Email Tracking Software

Email tracking software comes as part of your bulk mailer program helping you to monitor emails you sent. Data can include how many of the emails were opened, any clicks made, and how many new subscribers you have. You also have data on how many unsubscribed to your emails. This data is extremely important as it modifies your next email campaign. Too many companies do not know how to track email, which is why this email tracking option exists. Improve your bottom line with the right software.

How to track email

Email Sender

Bulk mailer can help you in how to track email address, opening, unsubscribing, and follow through clicks with ease. Once the email has been sent the recipient will find it in their email box. The subject line determines if the consumer is going to read it or toss it. Should the email be opened your email tracking software free bulk mailer feature will log that as an open. If the link is clicked the report will further show the recipient followed through.

The information you receive in your reports from the email tracking software freeware has been embedded in the email linking to a server enabling you to read the report.

The following is what you see from the software:

Every piece of data on the report shows the addresses which are 100% valid. Any invalid links can be deleted with ease with the Bulk Mailer program. This is the difference between other software choices. The best part is the free email tracking software download which comes with the Bulk Mailer. You have easy to read information for all email marketing setting it apart from other programs on the market.

Trackers change it all

Email tracking software changes the entire picture regarding your recipient’s actions. You also have the Bulk Mailer to ensure a positive email is sent out with proper management for your lists to ensure your emails are well received. You can determine the campaign with help from the Bulk Mailer, as well as make certain it is sent to your active list of recipients.