Send Bulk Email with Free Email Newsletter Software

Bulk Mailer

When you send bulk email you can use a computer system to ensure they are sent properly. The next step is to have email newsletter software to help you create the newsletters you are going to send out. This same software can be used to send bulk email using Gmail. Newsletters are designed to make your email communications unique, highlighting your promotions and the recipient you send them to. With the right software you can make your newsletters colorful and fun to read.

Bulk Mailers

Bulk Mailer is a software program allowing you to send bulk email using Outlook Express or another program like Gmail. This same program allows you to import contacts from Excel or other databases. Several options exist for retrieving information you have stored elsewhere and using it in your bulk mailer. Plenty of other features exist for how to send bulk email successfully. These features are listed below:

1.  International characters can be used

2.  The newsletter can be created and edited in HTML

3.  Import/Export lists for bulk mailing

4.  Increase deliverability

5.  Bounced emails reduce invalid and duplicate addresses

6.  Customization is easy for subscription forms

7.  Preview what the recipient will see

8.  Emails can have the unsubscribe option

Creating and Sending Lists

Email lists can grow quickly when your website is marketed appropriately. Each day you might have a new subscriber to update in the list. With the bulk mailer program you are able to add in new email addresses with one push of a button merging your database with MySQL. From there you can send bulk email Excel data for a complete update.

If you want to send bulk email from Outlook Express - this is possible too. After you create templates, you choose which program you want to send with. Keep in mind you can determine whether your email has fill in the blanks, subscriber options, images, and text. As always your email newsletters need to have worthwhile information in them to target the consumer appropriately. Using the bulk mailer makes things simpler on you to send your newsletter to the list you’ve created. Click the send button and everyone on your bulk mailer list will have a newsletter immediately. Should you encounter feedback such as unsubscribe the bulk mailer will make it easier for you.  Most of the automated systems take a couple of weeks to update the list, but you can always make certain the updates go in each day when you receive an “unsubscribe” or “subscribe”.