Using a Double Opt-in for Email Marketing

Spamming has led to necessary changes online to avoid losing consumers with email marketing campaigns. It is an unfortunate problem we landed ourselves in by spamming individuals as soon as the Internet became popular. It is hard to make those who remember such email trash to open up bulk emails. There is a call for you to make your email campaign better than ever and more convenient for consumers. The opt-in concept is a result of too much spam and no way to discontinue the trash emails from the past. Now there is also the concept of double opt-in.

The process might seem a little irritating to someone who signed up for emails and does want to receive them. For those who do not or changed their mind after clicking the accept button it is a way for them to back out. Today you always need to have a double opt-in to protect you and your company reputation.

The great news is your mass mailer can be set up to send this double opt-in choice. The first opt-in is on your site where the consumer will submit their email to your newsletter campaign. You may offer choices on what they receive such as the newsletter, coupons, or emails associated with products they are interested in. This is a good thing to do as well in order to provide the recipient with what they truly want and not everything you send in emails.

The second part is the verification process. Your bulk mailer will send out a test email to the recipient. They need to follow the link back to your site with their log in and password before receiving actual emails.

One of the best benefits from this is a responsive list to your email marketing campaign. You might be aware of setting up a list of email recipients based on whether they open or follow links. If you are not it is important to find out about this concept. Your bulk mailing list can include someone who has consented twice as a means of making these emails more to their target needs. They will want to get to their email and see if you have sent something they like if you target them specifically with your campaign.

Your emails need to include concepts like free items whether they are just an ebook, video, or tutorial. You should offer only something free that you do not make available on your site. There is nothing worse than offering a free option to everyone and making it sound special in the email.

Most importantly, your email needs to protect your reputation in all areas meaning from the double opt-in to what you offer in the emails you send.