Email Campaign Report

Email marketing is a form of marketing. Marketing is a type of communication which is defined by the laws and theories of mass communication. Therefore, email marketing, by extension, should also be based on the theories and laws of mass communication.

Email Campaign Report

In mass communication, while there are many different types of theories, one thing that is common between them all is that feedback is extremely important. Consider the fact that your email is a message that you are trying to get across to certain groups of people. However, you will never know how successful your effort to communicate and compel was unless you get feedback from those people.

This is, in fact, considered to be one of the challenges of marketing in general. Fortunately, in email marketing, this challenge is not as difficult to resolve as it is in other forms of media. For instance, organizations that market themselves through television advertisements have a lot of difficulty in finding out how well their ads were received. Usually, these enterprises and organizations have to sanction separate researches to figure out how well their advertisements fared.

In email marketing, such heavy expenses are not required to find out what your audience is thinking about your emails. You can do it with the help of technology with minimal expense and maximum convenience. Moreover, email campaign reports actually tend to be much more exhaustive than any market research is ever going to be.

Here are some basic elements that you would have the benefit of knowing if you use our email marketing real time reporting tools.

  1. People who opened the email messages you send
  2. Links that were most popular and drew the most number of clicks
  3. Real time display of all poll answers and survey responses
  4. Percentage based reporting of various elements
  5. Comparing multiple emailing campaigns to figure out their effectiveness
  6. Exporting reports to text and spreadsheet formats for presentation purposes

The domain of the World Wide Web is an extremely dynamic and unpredictable space. It changes drastically on a moment’s notice. We, at Email Unlimited, understand this aspect of the internet. This is why all our email marketing report tools show real time updates to their users.

In simple words, we have ensured that when you see our email campaign reports you see what is happening at exactly that moment. Consider the following functions of our email marketing real time reporting tools.


An email message is pointless if it does not have the effect that it was intended to have. Therefore, when an email is not even opened by the receiver and directly moved to the trash box or just left to lie there then it means that the receiver is not interested.

On the other hand, if a receiver opens the email then there was something that interested him. This is why it is important for an email marketer to know who opens his emails and which emails are opened the most.


The sanctity of an emailing list defines its usefulness. If an emailing list is full of redundant and invalid email addresses then the email marketer’s returns on investment would be considerably low. A sign of an inconsistent emailing list is if it receives a lot of bounce backs from emailing service providers.

There are two types of bounce backs. The first is a soft bounce back which means the message is temporarily undeliverable and the other is a hard bounce back which means delivery is permanently impossible. Tracking bounces is something you will be able to do with our real time email marketing reporting tools.

Click Throughs

Your messages would contain links to various things such as product pages, event pages, information pages, and other similar link bait pages. We understand that you need to see what type of information appeals most to your target audience. This is why our real time reporting tools would give you access to in-depth information pertaining to which links are clicked by your target audience.

Receiver Behavior

There are many other things that an individual can do with your email, apart from reading it and trashing it. For instance, he could have it rerouted to another email address, forward it to a friend, report it to the service provider, or even unsubscribe from receiving further emails.

Depending on which type of email message you are assessing, each of these actions means a lot. At Email Unlimited, we have worked hard to incorporate these aspects in our real time email marketing reporting tools.


Historical evidence is required for you to measure and figure out receiver trends and patterns so that you can tweak your email marketing campaign to take advantage of those trends.

Every report that you receive and see in our real time email marketing reporting tools would be saved so as to be accessible later. You can even export these reports to other software programs and print them if you want to use them as a part of a presentation.

Social Media Network

Social media networking is very big and is changing the online landscape drastically. Its effect is, debatably, as large and all encompassing as Google’s was when it first came out. The best example of the effect of social media networking is that the first thing most people do these days when they see something they like is to press ‘Like’ or ‘Share’.

Our email marketing real time reporting tools are the most up to date you will find anywhere on the internet. This is why they would also contain social media statistics and information for you to take advantage of.

Geographic Layout

Our email marketing real time reporting tools have a special feature i.e. you can view all the variables on the basis of the geographic location they are relevant to. Therefore, whether you are focusing your efforts on a single country or a single state, you would find this feature of our tools to be extremely helpful.


A good email marketer uses multiple email marketing campaigns simultaneously so as to find the best ways of getting through to his customers. Demographic and behavioral responses of receivers are tracked and recorded for comparing various campaigns. Our real time email marketing reporting tools would allow you to do this with minimal fuss and maximum benefits.