Holidays and Email Marketing Campaigns

Have you ever noticed most of the big companies send out most of their top emails during the holidays? Christmas floods the email box for great deals and as it gets closer to Christmas Eve the best deals come through. Yet, most holidays still mean people are working or they are visiting family and friends. They may not be checking their email as regularly as you hope. Often when someone returns from a three day weekend they just bulk delete all the email, especially when it is from a product retailer. The emails are usually void after the holiday and they are just trying to catch up on all the important emails. If you do not want your emails to be deleted consider when you should send them versus when you should not.

Avoid sending your emails during the months of December, January, July, and August. These are the typical months when most consumers are not at their computer. December is a bit tricky since many are looking for a great deal to get their Christmas shopping done. In a general rule consider sending Christmas emails early. Start in November offering some great deals like 50% off. If you were already planning on putting certain items off up to 50% the week before Christmas make it early. In this way you won’t have to send those emails the last week before Christmas and you won’t interfere with other emails that might offer a better deal.

Consumers shop for the best deal and sadly have been taught they come on holidays and the day before Christmas. By sending out emails when they least expect them you can actually get more sales and your email marketing campaigns will become more successful than ending up in those trash bins along with other bulk emails.