Opt-In Email List Management

The success of your email marketing campaign depends entirely on the kind of email addresses you have. Email addresses in your emailing lists can be flawed from the beginning if you use lists sourced from third parties or gradually go bad due to general attrition.

opt in email list management

In fact, the longer you run your email marketing campaign, the more suspect the email addresses in them would become. Whether your emailing list is flawed from the beginning or gets that way over time, the result would be the same i.e. less than perfect returns on investment. This is why it is important for you to carefully manage your email list management.

Managing an emailing list involves a wide variety of actions. We offer highly advanced opt in email list management tools that you can use to keep the efficacy of your emailing lists flawless.

Our tools will not only help you verify the email addresses on your emailing list but also grow it and make it suitable for various other software programs. Consider what we provide through our opt in email list management tools.

Core Management of Your Emailing Lists

Email marketing is an exercise in tailoring your email messages to suit personal preferences and behavioral tendencies. This means that you would have to create conditions and filters for your emailing marketing campaign.

Our opt in email list management tools would not only allow you to create these conditions and filters but also make the entire process easier for you by facilitating your efforts to sort your lists. You would be able to sort your emailing lists on the basis of various elements such as demographics, likes, dislikes, and other various sociological and psychological elements.

You would also be able to create your emailing lists by a variety of purposes. You could just import the contact information of people from various other software programs and insert the information yourself manually.

Importing and Exporting Existing Emailing Lists

There is nothing limiting our opt in email list management tools. Their capacity is nearly infinite. This means that you can add as many units of information as you want or import as many separate emailing lists as you want. Furthermore, you can collate, compile, segment, differentiate, and split your emailing lists as well.

Growing Emailing Lists

Our opt in email lists management tools would be useful for you, regardless of what the size of your emailing list is. For instance, whether large or small, if you want your emailing lists to grow you can synergize our tools with signup forms on your website.

This would result in information being added to your existing emailing list the moment someone enters his information in your signup form. The signup form compatibility is boundless as well. You can combine our opt in email list management tools with a signup form on your website, on your Facebook page, and even other third party websites.

Furthermore, you can insert a forward to a friend link in your signup forms. This would allow people signing up through your signup forms to give their friends an opportunity to sign up as well with a simple click.

Cleaning Emailing Lists

Emailing lists become problematic when the email addresses inside them start becoming redundant or invalid. This could happen because of any number of reasons ranging from an individual entering a misspelt email address in your signup form or an individual abandoning a previously valid email address.

When your email message would be sent to such emails, you would get an immediate bounce back from the email service provider. Our opt in email list management tools would allow you to deal with soft and hard bounce backs in an organized and streamlined manner. Resultantly, your emailing lists would get clean.